Why the Islamic identity is zero , in Spain

Some ask why the Islamic identity is zero, in Spain, despite hundreds of years that the Muslims stayed there, as is the case in India and Indonesia since the advent of Islam did not come out until the present era

But the torture and the Inquisition in Spain Erased the Islamic identity

Granada fell - the last citadels of the Muslims in Spain - the year (897 AH = 1492 AD),
This was a harbinger of the fall of nation-Andalusian religious and social,
And dispel the intellectual and literary heritage,
The tragedy of Muslims there of the worst tragedies in history;
This period witnessed barbaric acts and atrocities committed by the courts of the investigation (inspection); to purge Spain of the traces of Islam and Muslims,
And annihilation of their heritage, which flourished in this country for about eight centuries.
And migrated many Muslims to North Africa after the fall of their kingdom;
To escape their religion and their freedom from the persecution of Christians Spanish to them,
and returned Spain to the old religion, while the remaining Muslims were forced to Christianizing or leave,
Ruled The spirit of Christian fundamentalist to hunt and injustice and intimidation of defenseless Muslims
Was Completed the implementation of the death penalty against a nation and the religion of the land of Spain.

The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, commonly known as the Spanish Inquisition, was a tribunal unexpectedly established in 1478 by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile.
It was intended to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms,
and to replace the medieval inquisition which was under papal control.
The Inquisition worked in large part to ensure the orthodoxy of recent converts, especially Jews, Muslims and others coerced on pain of death to adopt the Christian religion.
. It

was not definitively abolished until 1834, during the reign of Isabella II

Christians waging a bloody war to Muslims without mercy and relentless,
and became the Territories
the Muslim territories under the authority of the Inquisition during periods of truce or periods
Pro-peace treaties

The Inquisition and a genocide of Muslims in Andalusia

Methods of torture suffered by Muslims in Andalusia,combing in combs Iron

A picture of an old painting showing the burning of the Koran and Islamic books by members of the Inquisition in Spain

A picture of some oil paintings For some concerts burning of Muslims in Andalusia by the Inquisition

A picture of the painting Old show burning Muslims during a religious ceremony

Be taken the man dividing the two halves Chainsaw

A picture of some oil paintings by old Showing the hideous tortures on the Muslims by the Inquisition in Spain

Cast a Muslims in a coffin, and then close them to die directly affected of knives in a coffin

A picture of some oil paintings by old Showing torture members of the inquisition for their victims to death

Image of the old picture illustrates one of the torture was exposed to the Muslims and that forcing them to drink large quantities of water until their stomachs explode And die all

A picture of some oil paintings illustrates one of the torture of a Muslim women in Andalusia

an iron chair was used by the Spanish Inquisition to torture victims to death

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